Back to School Forms

Back to School Forms

Below you will find the forms you must fill out for each student to start the new school year.  

Required Forms

Emergency Care Form (Complete in SIS ParentVUE)

  • All students must have accurate emergency care information. Parents update this information through WeCare@School via their SIS ParentVUE account. 
  • Log into your SIS ParentVUE account 
  • Go to FCPS Links located on the left-hand menu
  • Go to weCare @ School and Log in using the same username and password as your SIS ParentVUE account
  • Once you are in weCare, click on the + box next to your child’s name. There you will see the links to update your child’s Parent/Guardian Contact Information, Other Information, Current Health Conditions and Current Medical Care Details (You won’t actually see this form). Once you have completed these be sure to click on the button next to your child’s name “Send the Form”. 

Important things to note:

  • Changes to the enrolling parent/student information must be submitted by the enrolling parent.
  • Parents can each have only 3 phone numbers approved (1 home, 1 cell, 1 work).
  • Despite what the main page states, you CAN submit changes to the primary telephone number via weCare (you do not have to call the school).
  • Changes to the student and enrolling parent address must include an updated registration form IT-19 as well as deed/current lease emailed to @email.
  • Emergency contacts should be added as individual names per contact:
  • In order to log into SIS ParentVUE it is necessary to have an active SIS Parent Account - if you need a SIS Parent Account, please contact our registrars, Lisa Warden, @email.


Transportation Dismissal Form

It is important that we know how you will get home from school each day beginning with the first day of school. We ask that you work to keep dismissal methods as consistent as possible to avoid confusion amongst staff and students.        

Our Online Transportation Form is available here.

Bus information can be viewed by parents via SIS ParentVUE under the Student Tab on August 19.  Students living in the Hayfield Farm development are walkers.  It is important that you remember the route number (i.e. HA-2). This will be posted in the bus window. You should arrive at your bus stop ten minutes before your scheduled pick-up time since schedules may vary slightly from day-to-day.


Digital Resources - Parent Consent Form 

Every student must have a Digital Resources Consent Form completed. Hayfield uses a variety of digital tools for learning. You may look through the list before signing the form


Student Rights and Responsibilities - Parent Signature Sheet  

You can access the 2021 – 2022 with this link:  Student's Rights and Responsibilities.  Please sign the Parent Signature Sheet and return to your student’s teacher by October 29.   


Optional Forms

Forms can be returned to your student’s teacher, scanned and emailed to the school office at: @email, or dropped off in the front office.

FCPS Privacy and Opt-Out Forms

Details parents' rights regarding FCPS policies. Complete these forms only if you wish for your child to be opted-out. Please submit by Friday, August 27.

If you do not wish for your child’s information to be published via the school directory, yearbook, website, or to the Fairfax County Public Library, please complete the Objection to Release of Directory Information to the Public form (page 11 & 12). If you do not wish for your child to participate in academic, career or social or emotional counseling, please complete the School Counseling Opt-Out Form (page 13). These Opt-Out Forms are located here:  

We ask that you review all options on the form carefully to avoid opting your child out of something you intended for them to participate in. Once these publications (school directory and yearbooks) are printed, changes cannot be made.

If you are not opting your child out of anything, no action is required.

Family Life Education Opt-Out Forms

Information about Family Life Education can be found on the FCPS website for Grades K-6.  If you wish to opt-out of any Family Life Education lessons, please complete the opt-out form and submit by Friday, August 27.

If you are not opting your child out of anything, no action is required.

Homeless Student Referral Form

If you are currently experiencing one of the situations described on the form, please complete the form and return it to the school. If not, no action is required. 

Military-Connected Student Form

If you’re connected to the Military, please complete and return the Military Connected form.  If you are not, no action is required.