Back to School Night

Message from our Admin, PTA, and School Board


Kindergarten Presentation

Ms. Budniewksi and Ms. Farrell

Ms. Lionato, Ms. Bennsky and Ms. Chambers

Ms. Nerswick (Ms. Hughes-Olving) and Ms. Davis

Ms. Strickland and Ms. Campbell

First Grade

First Grade Presentation

Ms. Jeffries

Ms. McMullin

Ms. Meshanko

Ms. Russell

Second Grade

Ms. Blandford

Ms. Centanni and Ms. Miguelez

Ms. Johnson

Ms. Luther

Third Grade

Ms. Elmardi

Ms. Fornili

Ms. Glines and Ms. Forster

Ms. Rodriguez and Ms. Forster

Ms. Coalter

Fourth Grade

Ms. Flanagan

Ms. Henderson

Ms. Koehler, Ms. Reisig and Ms. Rhodes

Ms. Lawrence, Ms. Reisig and Ms. Rhodes

Fifth Grade

Ms. Finke

Ms. Fisher

Ms. Markon, Ms. Williams and Ms. Miguelez

Ms. Taylor and Ms. Williams

6th Grade