Physical Education

The P.E. program at Hayfield Elementary is designed to introduce students to a variety of fitness and sport activities in order to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle.

Proper Dress

Students should wear clothing that is non-restrictive but not overly loose.  Dresses and skirts are not appropriate for most activities and should be avoided.  Athletic shoes are preferred. Sandals, open back shoes, slip on shoes, and shoes that are slippery are unsafe and should not be worn.  Children will be asked not to participate if their attire is unsafe.  Continued wearing of unsafe attire can reflect negatively on a student’s grade due to lack of participation.


If your student is ill on a particular day and needs to be excused from activity, please write a note to Mr. Tameris (Coach T) or Mrs. Drickey and send it to school with your child. 

If your child has a medical condition that prohibits physical activity over a long period of time (exceeds two days) or is under a doctor’s care, please contact Mr. Tameris (Coach T) or Mrs. Drickey in writing or call (703) 924-4532. If your child is under medical care, a doctor’s note, outlining limitations will help us meet the needs of your child.

Our PE Teachers