Attendance Reporting

Full day absence, late arrival, or early checkout

Attendance Reporting

Report attendance using one of the methods below:


  • Beginning in the 24-25 school year, parents/legal guardians can submit full-day absences using ParentVue. Learn more about attendance reporting through ParentVUE.
  • Call our attendance line at 703-924-4545
  • [email protected] 

Special Note to Parents/Legal Guardians

To assist the Health Room and to monitor and track illness, please be specific about your child's illness. For example, if your child has seen a physician please be specific about the diagnosis, such as strep throat or pink eye. If your child is ill, and has not seen a physician, please be specific about your child's symptoms, for example fever, vomiting, rash, diarrhea, sore throat or cough. 

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