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FCPS Attendance Policies

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Special Note to Parents/Guardians: 

To assist the Health Room and to monitor and track illness, please be specific about your child's illness. For example, if your child has seen a physician please be specific about the diagnosis, such as strep throat or pink eye. If your child is ill, and has not seen a physician, please be specific about your child's symptoms, for example fever, vomiting, rash, diarrhea, sore throat or cough. 

Attendance Form

  • This attendance form is to be submitted by the parent/legal guardian only.
  • Please submit this form in English.
Are you submitting a full day absence, a late arrival, or early dismissal?
Please check this box if you wish to report consecutive day absences.
Please list the specific consecutive dates of the absence.
Please check in the student at the attendance office when you arrive to the building.
Please come into the building, present a valid ID, and sign the student out.
Will the student be returning to school?
Please check in the student at the attendance office when you arrive to the building.
If ill, please indicate whether your child has any of the following symptoms:

Feeling feverish or chills | Fever greater than or equal to 100.4 F | Headache (not due to another health condition, hunger, menstrual cramps stress, or injury) | A new cough (not due to another health condition | Shortness of breath or breathing difficulties (not due to diagnosed respiratory condition or if different than normal pattern of chronic condition) | A new sore throat (not due to another health condition) | Congestion or runny nose (not related to allergies or health condition) | Fatigue (more tired than normal or sudden onset) | New muscle pain (not due to another health condition or that may have been caused by a specific activity such as physical exercise)) | New loss of taste, smell, or appetite | Abdominal pain (not due to hunger, constipation, injury, or stress) | Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea

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